South by Southwest
Hangar Lounge, 318 Colorado Street, March 11-13, 2016

Meet with the Innovators, Disruptors & Visionaries of the Fashion & Tech Industry. 

As an official partner of SXstyle and SXSW, the Decoded Fashion House will take up residence for three days at Austin’s Hangar Lounge. Hosting all sorts of activities with some of our favorite innovators from across the fashion and tech space, it will also provide a meeting place for the fashion and tech community.

Here’s a quick glance of what’s in store: 


During the three days of SXstyle, the Decoded Fashion House will be hosting a series of special events alongside the main SXstyle programming. Click on the event you are interested in for full description and to book your space.


Day 1

March 11, 2016

12.30pm: Decoded Fashion @SxStyle Panel: How Fashion is Making Tech Wearable

The race is on for which fashion brand will dominate the wearable tech market. Hear how some of the contenders are trying to take first place.

Venue: Westin Hotel, Downtown

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2.00pm – 5.00pm: Mentorship Hub

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2.00pm: The Visionaries: Creative Innovation

Industry leaders come together to look at how effective use of innovation can create stand out fashion & beauty brands that connect with today’s consumer.

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3.30pm: Failing Fast & Moving On In Fashion

Insights into initiatives & projects that haven’t quite worked out and discuss with peers how they have used this to change course for a successful outcome.

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6.00pm: Decoded Fashion & #FashMash Mixer

We are joining forces with #FashMash to bring together the global fashion and tech community at SXSW for our kickoff mixer.

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Day 2

March 12, 2016

09.30am – 10.15am: Rooftop Workout with Cyc Fitness

Need to sweat out those SXSW toxins? Cyc Fitness is here to help. Join us on the rooftop of The Decoded Fashion House as NYC-based trainer Steph Dietz leads you through a full body workout off of the spin bike.

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11.00am – 2.00pm: Mentorship Hub

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11.00am: How to Win Wild-Card Consumers

Ask the expert: Find out how to stay relevant with today’s wild-card consumers who are bending age and gender norms, breaking brands and building new niches.

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12.00pm: The New Menswear Consumer

The new menswear consumer wants a holistic, integrated approach to cultivating his style. How can brands leverage digital and data to create tailored experiences for men around the world.

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2.00pm: Meet The Innovators: Content, Commerce and Conversation

How can brands harness different technologies to cash in on their content? Meet with innovators in the space.

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3.30pm: Shoppable Content & Cocktails with Curalate

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5.15pm: The Queens of Tech: Meet the Gals that are Killing it in the Digital Space

We are bringing together females in power who are bringing about a shift in the industry.

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Day 3

March 13, 2016

11.00am – 2.00pm: Mentorship Hub

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11.00am Mass-Customization: Beyond the Perfect Fit

Meet Designer & Scientist Francis Bitonti and discover how he is pushing the boundaries of Tech and Design.

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12.00pm: Retail Disruptors: Next Generation Payments

Explore with the experts, meet with the disruptors who are changing the face of retail.

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12.45pm: The Future of Retail Isn’t What You Think

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2.00pm: The Rise of Influencers

An intimate roundtable that looks at the rise of influencers and the digitalisation of the fashion industry.

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3.00pm: The Influencers: New Ways to Engage in the Digital Era

How do you pick the right mix of tools to maximise impact, and engage fashion consumers in the digital age. Discuss openly with industry peers.

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4.30pm: Cocktails & Conversation: The Future of Wearables is Not Wearables at All

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Who You Will Meet

Lisa Green

Head of Industry, Fashion, Google

Lisa's team brings a strategic blend of insights and digital solutions to the fashion industry to help them build brands and drive business online. Joining Google in 2005, Lisa has held a variety of positions, always with a focus on global brand building. She was a founding member of Google's Agency Development Team, launched the Campaigns & Elections Team, and has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Uri Minkoff

Co-Founder & CEO, Rebecca Minkoff

Uri founded Rebecca Minkoff in 2005 with his sister, Rebecca Minkoff, out of her apartment, and has built one of the fastest growing brands in fashion. Today, Rebecca Minkoff has grown into a full lifestyle brand distributing both accessories and apparel under the Rebecca Minkoff label. Uri has also helped create, lead, curate and provide artistic direction for the Ben Minkoff brand, which debuted for men in 2011.

Jennifer Stone Williams

Vice President Retail Services, Perry Ellis International

Jennifer is an energetic and savvy retail professional providing years of proven leadership and success at Perry Ellis International. She has expanded and led the Retail Services Division for Perry Ellis International for 18 years. Her retail coordinator team services department stores in both the US and Canada. She also heads up store planning and visual presentation in department stores for multiple brands at PEI.

Hayley Ard

Head of Consumer Lifestyle, Stylus

Hayley develops Stylus’ Macro Trends, which describe long-term evolving patterns in global consumer behaviour across all creative industries. She oversees reporting on consumer lifestyle and science and technology trends.

Hayley was previously acting managing editor at Global Blue, the international tax-free shopping business that produces print, mobile and online shopping guides.

Brendan Lowry

Director of Marketing, Curalate

Brendan Lowry is part of the founding team and Marketing Director at Curalate, the leading visual commerce platform used by over eight hundred of the world's most loved brands. The Curalate Visual Commerce Platform connects visual content to commerce throughout the customer journey to drive awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Kelly Kowal

Managing Director – Farfetch Black & White, Farfetch

Kelly has a strong background in internet marketing and ecommerce, with her experience spanning over 12 years. She joined Farfetch in November 2010 to build and run all digital marketing initiatives including customer acquisition, customer retention and customer engagement.

Nola Weinstein

Head of Executive Engagement, Twitter

Nola Weinstein is Head of Executive Engagement @Twitter where she focusses on personal and brand storytelling for key business leaders. In her role, Nola works with influencers and execs from around the world to help them optimize their Twitter presence to drive thought leadership and impact. Additionally, she leads innovation tours and briefing sessions at Twitter's global offices to bring the power of the platform to life.

Sid Jatia

Vice President, Omnichannel Digital, Under Armour‎

Sid is a business leader with 15 years of successful track record leading large organizations through a digital first sensibility. Currently, at Under Armour his team is focused on driving channel innovation, both in retail and e-commerce. Previously at Razorfish, he led several engagements involving omni-channel strategy, new models of merchandising, commerce optimization, and store activation.

Liz Bacelar

Founder, Decoded Fashion

Liz Bacelar created Decoded Fashion in 2011 with the goal to promote collaborations between Tech founders and decision-makers in Fashion, Beauty and Retail. She is an experienced communications specialist, and an Emmy-nominated network TV producer. She was also the Global Communications Director for a public technology company, with offices in the US, England, Israel and Australia.

Aleksandra Chojnacka

Director of Business Development, ShopStyle

Aleksandra Chojnacka is the Director of Business Development at ShopStyle, working with top brands such as Neiman Marcus, Macy's, and Nordstrom to monetize via affiliate and creative partnerships. Aleks is also leading a new ShopStyle initiative in building the future of e-commerce through ShopStyle Checkout. ShopStyle Checkout will allow consumers to purchase products in a seamless transaction on ShopStyle.

Roelant Prins

CCO, Adyen

Roelant leads all commercial activities, including sales and marketing, at Adyen. After entering the online payments space in 2000, Roelant has managed international teams at companies providing payments solutions to international businesses. In 2015, Roelant oversaw 100% transaction volume growth and more than 100% revenue growth at Adyen.

Francis Bitonti

President and Founding Director, Francis Bitonti Studio

Designer Francis Bitonti is ushering in a new manufacturing paradigm through his sui generis blend of computational design techniques and emerging manufacturing technologies. Blurring the lines between fashion and technology, Bitonti’s trademark process merges cutting edge digital design and manufacturing technologies, aimed to transform mass production.

Lucie Greene

Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group, JWT

Lucie Greene is Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group, J. Walter Thompson’s trend forecasting, consultancy and innovation unit.

She has spoken at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas, SXSW Interactive on trends. She is featured regularly as an expert on futurism and trends, appearing on CNBC and Bloomberg TV, and in publications including CNN, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian.

Joe Zee

Editor-in-Chief & Executive Creative Officer, Yahoo Style

Joe Zee is currently the Editor in Chief and Executive Creative Officer of Yahoo Fashion, where he is tasked with launching and running a digital fashion magazine for the tech giant.

Nina Alexander-Hurst

VP of Customer Experience & SWAT (Service With Accessorizing Talent), BaubleBar

Nina Alexander-Hurst is the Vice President of Customer Experience and SWAT Stylists (Service With Accessorizing Talent) at BaubleBar, the first fast fashion brand in jewelry. Nina and her team focus on creative ways to take the friction out of the online shopping experience, build long-lasting customer relationships and develop effective systems to share customer feedback with other teams at BaubleBar.

Vishaal Melwani

CEO & Co-Founder, Combatant Gent

Vishaal Melwani is the CEO, Creative Director and Co-Founder behind Combatant Gentlemen, or Combat Gent, the world's first "sheep-to-closet" e-commerce-driven company. Founded in 2012, Melwani defined Combat Gent's very own unique vertically integrated supply chain and leveraged a direct-to-consumer model to offer premium menswear at affordable, approachable prices.

Shannon Davenport

Head of Advisory, Stylus

Shannon has worked in trends for over a decade, and her ability to translate and apply learnings from one industry to the next comes from her extensive experience across different sectors – from food and fashion, to retail and marketing.


Decoded Fashion’s Mentorship Hub connects fashion executives and influencers with talented entrepreneurs looking for advice. These meetings have helped hundreds of startups and even resulted in a number of exciting collaborations between the brands, retailers and new startups.

Applications for this year’s Mentorship Hub has ended.

The first of 2016’s mentors…

Editor-in-Chief and Executive Creative Officer

Yahoo Style

Branding, Business Development, Media

Global Marketing Director

Herschel Supply

Branding, Marketing/PR, Social Media

Vice President Retail Services

Perry Ellis International

Branding, Retail Operations, Shop Development/Design

Manager, North America Innovation

The Estee Lauder Companies

Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing/PR

Head of Web Development


Digital Marketing, Retail Operations, Social Media

Growth Strategy Editor

New York Times

Media, Social Media, Editorial

SVP, Global Marketing

Brooks Brothers

Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media


Fast Company

Media, Product Development, Wearables

VP Global Digital Creative


eCommerce, Product Development, Social Media

Senior Editor


Luxury, Media, Wearables

Industry Manager, Luxury Fashion


Advertising, Luxury, Personalization

Senior Manager, Research & Testing, Global Innovation Centre

VF Corporation

Business Development, Product Development, Wearables

Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Estée Lauder

Partnerships, Strategy, Problem Solving

Head of Innovation, Insights and Analytics


Analytics, Big Data, Digital Marketing

Sr. Director Omnichannel Innovation


eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Mobile

Creative Director, Digital Design

Victoria's Secret

Branding, eCommerce, Marketing/PR

VP Digital Innovation & Technology Group

Estée Lauder

Mobile, Ecommerce, Digital Strategy

‎Senior Digital Marketing Lead


Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation & Building Communities

Head of Digital Marketing

John Varvatos

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Luxury

Director of Digital Product/eCommerce

John Varvatos

Luxury, Product Development, eCommerce

Global Social Media Associate Director

(Formerly) Michael Kors

Social Media, Luxury, Digital Marketing

Head of Branding & Communications

Swarovski Lighting Business

Branding, Marketing/PR, Media

Head of Integrated Marketing

Swarovski Corporate Branding & Communications

Advertising, Global Expansion, Personalization

Senior Digital Communication Manager

Swarovski Professional

Digital Marketing, Media, Marketing/PR

Head of Press and Media

Swarovski Professional

eCommerce, Marketing/PR, Media

Communication Manager

Swarovski Gemstones Business

Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing

Global Social Media Manager

Swarovski Corporate Branding & Communications

Advertising, Wearables, Personalization

Marketing Coordinator

Touchstone Crystal, Swarovski

Personlization, Branding, Media

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